Birthday Party Booth Rental At Stayin’ Alive And Lucky Strike- Novi MI

These days, it's hard throwing a birthday party that's different from the rest. You need that little something extra, perhaps a sort of edge. Doing something that stands out may be extremely important. After all, we’re not talking about any ordinary birthday. We're talking Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, your 90 year old mother, or perhaps a 40th birthday for yourself. Novi, Michigan has 2 great spots. Stayin' Alive and Lucky Strike! Throw in a D.J. and party booth and the party wont stop at these venues.

Party Booth At Stayin' Alive Novi

Stayin' Alive Or Lucky Strike?

If this is big enough of a deal to invite everyone you know, then all the details are just as important! Right? You wouldn't order dinner at restaurant but then say you don’t care what’s in it. That food is made to order baby! And so is your event!So, where would you throw a shindig this memorable? Recently we had a client with multiple Bar Mitzvahs to throw, all in the same month! Which I must say, he did an incredible job with everything. Both were located in Novi, Michigan. One at Stayin' Alive and the other at Lucky Strike.He even used the same party booth company i.e. Party Grandeur, and the same d.j. Why change the consistency of something that you know already works great?

Lucky Strikes Pros

Many of you have heard of Lucky Strike in Novi. When this place first opened, there was nothing else like it. Arcade games on the lower level and a bowling alley on the upper. A couple of great notes, the security and management are on top of things. Delegating tasks appropriately and helping without hindering. The amazing staff shows up for work, ready for work. This is extremely refreshing.

Stayin' Alive Pros

On the upper level there's a super savvy club called Stayin' Alive. Some refer to it as the rooftop bar at Lucky’s. The last time I was in this place was over 10 years ago, and I don't really remember a lot because it was my 21st birthday. The one thing I could remember was the epic balcony! Up there you’re overlooking the rest of the surrounding bars and restaurants. I have to say, being on the inside might be even cooler. I haven't seen a disco ball that big except for on new years eve at the MGM. Here, it was a young mans birthday, his Bar Mitzvah. A truly inspiring ceremony followed with celebration in the Jewish community. And what a memorable place to throw such an important birthday party event!

Bar Mitzvah Traditions And The Party Booth

Candle lighting is among a few of the beautiful traditions, along with the chair dance. Usually the very proud parents will give a beautiful speech. This is a big deal guys and rightfully so! But let's get into one of my favorite aspects of any event, the décor! Let me paint you a scene, if it's not good enough, I encourage you to go check out this venue. You can call me right after and say thanks, you were right! Then I'll follow up with a party booth reservation to complete your party experience. I'm only here to help create happiness!

Lucky Strike Novi Party Booth

Anyways, the main entrance to Stayin' Alive, Novi Michigan is right across from the Emagine Movie Theater. Literally, all you have to do is turn around! Most people don't even realize it's there or that it's technically a part of Lucky Strike. As soon as you get to the top of the stairs, there's an extensive layout. A long open walkway lays between the bar and dance floor, with a row of tables containing options for self serve food. Just lift the lid and help yourself! You’ll have a hard time not coming back for seconds or even thirds at this venue! The bar courteously set out pitchers of soft drinks and some cups for a quick pour. This is a very efficient way to let the kids get what they want, while the adults order their cocktails.

On either side of the dance floor is a barred platform area with bar tables and stools. These tables had on them, candy centerpieces. A glass vase on every table, filled with candy kabobs and other edible goodies! Of course the kids would walk past them and occasionally grab one. I can tell you, they didn't last long, but that was their purpose! It was like the inside of Willy Wanka’s factory. What a colorful, creative, and dare I say, delicious party theme. Yes, I may of had a gum ball. In my defense I had to keep up with all the sugar filled kiddos. Either way, it was delicious!

Best Dance Floor In Novi

Where most of the excitement happened at Stayin' Alive that evening, was the dance floor or lounge area. The party booth was of course set up in the large dark lounge room, where kids found it fun to be. Like a stampede of wild animals they all ran in to take photos with the birthday boy. No one wanted to wait for this, so I’m very literal about the stampede. There may have been 15 kids inside all at once, laughing and screaming. A couple of women standing outside the booth almost got ran over on the kids exit. It was like something you’d only see in a cartoon.

The Personal Touch For Any Birthday

On the windows of the lounge area we’re giant custom photo collages. They were all their favorite pictures of their son from over the years. From birth and up! This young man was commemorated very well on this very important birthday. All in all, the kids and the adults both had a great time. Candies for the kids, cocktails for the parents! Both, Stayin’ Alive and Lucky Strike in Novi Michigan were great birthday party venues. Booking anything, whether it’s a venue or party booth, 30 to 60 days in advance is recommended. We look forward to hearing from you. And don’t skip any of the details! Even something small can make an event in its entirety. For more ideas for birthday parties visit us on Pinterest.

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