Cheap Photo Booth Rentals Michigan | Cheap Photo Booth Rental Prices

So you're having an event and your search begins. Among the long list of things you might need, entertainment is one of them. If you're like anyone else, you open click the search engine and type in Cheap Photo Booth Rentals. Or in this case you may have typed in cheap photo booth rental prices Michigan. What comes up? There's an overwhelming number of companies to choose from with an array of package selections. What people don't realize is included in this companies (or persons) prices is the quality provided. So here's the low down on what you're paying for when you don't know the difference. 

Cheap Photo Booth Rental Prices Michigan

Many Companies use the word DSLR Cameras, and that's great, at least it's not a web cam. But what you don't know is if you compare that with whatever lighting that is inside the booth and you might as well just have taken pictures with your smart phone all night. P.S. the smart phone pictures would have turned out better. Your cheap photo booth rental has a cost. However, on top of this cost you will be charged for ad-ons, set-up, or even mileage. 

Cheap Photo Booth Rentals- $285 for 3 hours

  • Memory Book- $100

Most customers love the memory books. However when you break down the cost of having a photo album it should be more like $20 and some tape. Cheap photo booth rentals have a tendency to bait and switch. 

  • Custom Photo-Strips- $50

Custom photo strips are a nice touch. Its important with any event to pay attention to the smallest details. The cost to print a standard photo strip and custom photo strip is the same. So this shouldn't change the prices. It only takes a few minuets to type set the photo strips. Most of our customers will send us custom images and as log as its a decent quality logo we can just drag and drop it on to the strip.   

  • Premium Props- $50

The fun starts with the props! The problem is the type of props that you end up paying for. With most cheap photo booth rental prices in Michigan you will get cheap props. 

  • Unlimited Photos- $75

There is a huge difference between unlimited sessions and unlimited prints. Unlimited sessions is standard meaning you can take as many pictures as you want during your rental time. Unlimited prints means everyone that was in the photo booth gets a copy from that session. This dose require more printing supplies. If they have cheap printers well then the supplies shouldn't be that much. However, with true dye sub printers that give you the quality you expect from a professional company in Michigan it will cost more for this option. When you ad on more options you change your cheap photo booth rental prices.   

  • Set Up- $50

Some companies will either try to charge you for the set up and break down. Or they will set up or break down during your rental time. This is a sneaky way to offer you cheap photo booth rental prices. Make sure that when you book a photo booth rental in Michigan you are not paying for this.  

  • Mileage- $.55 per mile

Michigan is a big state but most photo booth rental companies only operate within a hour of where they are located. Of course if you want a company to operate outside of their normal territory its will cost more. For instance they have to pay the booth attendant for the travel time to get to the event location. If its up in northern Michigan they may have to provide a hotel room for the booth attendant. So for cheap photo booth rentals make sure you clarify any of these extra charges.     

So how much is a cheap photo booth rental really? Even after you take into consideration the prices of a photo booth rental, you have long forgot about the most important part. You sat and wondered which things you should add. Some companies even break their cost down into packages so it's less confusing. In this case you are not getting everything you want. 

Most Cheap Photo Booth Rental Prices  

  • Silver Package- $650
  • Gold Package- $800
  • Platinum Package- $950

What you don't think about after clicking on so many links is the quality. Don't feel bad, it's easy to get lost in the combination of things that are involved with a rental purchase. No one wants to spend days or weeks comparing, especially when all your really comparing is the cost versus what you're getting WITH it. But think about this; What are you getting FOR it? What is the experience worth to you in it's entirety? You can save $50-$100 dollars or even over spend by that much with a cheap photo booth, but what about the quality of service? Or about the quality of the photos that everyone is taking home from YOUR event?

Cheap photo booth rental prices vary for reasons that you may have never thought of. Party Grandeur has been in business for over 4  years, and used a variety of marketing outlets in this time. We track everything from our competitors, to our soon to be competitors, to our clients and potential customers. Over the years we have gotten plenty of compliments on our quality and prices. So it's very easy to say that we provide the best photo booth rentals in Michigan. It rolls off the tongue even nicer knowing we hear it at every venue we've ever been to. There is a reason we are a preferred vendor by Fiat-Chrysler, GM, UofM, Holiday Inn and countless others in Michigan.

Party Grandeur Photo Booth Rentals provides prices based off the amount of hours booked and you get almost every ad-on you could dream of for FREE.

Party Grandeurs version of Cheap Photo Booth Rental Prices In Michigan

  • Memory Book- FREE

We use high quality albums and  we always try to match your event themes and colors! We also can offer you a free photo disc if you would rather!

Cheap Photo Booth Rental Memory Album

  • Back Drop Choice- FREE

We offer red velvet back drops, Gold and silver shimmer as well as gold and silver sequin back drops. We also can make custom green screen back drops for your event.

Red Velvet Back DropGold Shimmer Back Drop Cheap Photo Booth Rental MichiganSilver Shimmer Photo Booth Back Drop MichiganCustom Back Drops For Open Air Events

  • Custom Photo-Strips- FREE

Send us the image you want or just tell us what you are looking for. We will make it happen for you!

Free Custom Photo Strips Custom Photo Strips For Your Eventphoto booth photo strips michigan Cheap photo booth rental prices michigan photo stripsCustom Photo strips for any event

  • Premium Props- FREE

Not props on a stick! So many fun choices and combinations of hats, goofy glasses and more. 

Premium props with every photo booth rentalFun Photo Booth Props Michigan

  • Unlimited Photo Sessions- FREE

Non stop action for your entire rental time. The photos print out instantly with the quality you would expect. 

  • Set Up- FREE

We always set up before your rental time starts and tear down after it ends. This way you get the full time that you paid for!

  • Mileage- FREE

For any event within a 2 hour radius of your location in Michigan we never charge for travel.

  • Red Carpet And Velvet Ropes - FREE

What a great way to make your guest think you spent a ton on your photo booth rental.

Red Carpet and Velevet Ropes Cheaap Photo Booth Rental

This is a purchase you won't lose sleep over, because our quality and prices cannot be beat! This is something we know, because no other photo booth rental company in Michigan uses the cameras or lighting we do. Don't pay the cost of a Cadillac and get a Honda. And don't even pay the cost of the Honda and get a Honda. This is a once in a lifetime event that everyone is going to remember. Cherish these brief moments and add Party Grandeur Photo Booth Rentals to your celebration. Happy thoughts of your event will live on! 

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