Fall Festival At Cooley Elementary In Waterford Michigan

The time for Halloween events has come. Its one of the best times of the year for the community and of course the kids! A Fall Festival is a great way to bring your community together and the P.T.O. for Cooley Elementary gets a A+ for their event this year.  Located in a small neighborhood in Waterford Michigan, Cooley Elementary really knows how to party. 

Fall Festival Waterford Michigan

Fall Festival Attractions  

The smiling faces covered in cotton candy, parents that look like they need a nap and laughter echoing through the gym! The P.T.O. at Cooley Elementary pulled out all the stops for this fall festival. They had pumpkin basket ball, candy fishing and even a haunted hallway! With a giant spider that had to be six feet tall and kids hopped up on all the sugar. The screams of joy were as loud as can be. It was great to see how hard the staff and volunteers worked to make the event special for the kids.

Snacks At The Fall Festival For Cooley Elementary

I can still remember all the fun of Halloween when I was a kid. I think my favorite part was being all jacked up on sugar. So the P.T.O. at Cooley elementary went above and beyond. They booked Spun Sugar Detroit to set up the best cotton candy stand available. Popcorn is cool if you are at the movies but for Halloween and fall festivals the kids want the good stuff! With over 20 flavors, Spun Sugar Detroit had the room uncomfortably energetic. Take that popcorn!  

The Photo Booth Is The Best Entertainment In Waterford

We cant thank our volunteers for the fall festival enough. They really do help us control the chaos of a bunch of kids hopped up on cotton candy. Thanks Sugar Spun Detroit LOL. Seriously though non stop usage. Happy kids and excited parents. What more can you ask for? At the end of the day its all about capturing the memories! What better way to watch your kids grow up then in freeze frame images topped with their personalities. The photo booth is the perfect entertainment for any event. With laughs that last forever, no event is complete without a photo booth rental. If you want your fall festival to be a memorable event like Cooley elementary had in Waterford then don't wait book with Party Grandeur today! We have limited availability and book events quickly.  

Cooley Elementary Waterford Michigan Fall Festival

Check Out The Best Photo Booth Images From Cooley Elementary In Waterford

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