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It’s the most wonderful time, of the year! By now I think we’ve all noticed the holiday decor hitting store shelves. You run in for some last minute Halloween decor but, come across menorahs and Christmas Trees. Let’s face it, the time between each holiday seems to move quicker with each year. Usually you’ll have multiple family gatherings to think about, as most people do. Perhaps you’ve been elected for the task of corporate party planner as well this holiday season. I have great news, unless you work for an insurance company, this job is usually a fun one. Haha! That was a liability joke!

Holiday Corporate Events | Corporate Party Rentals - Blog - Party Grandeur - Holiday_Party_In_Clarkston_Michigan

Anyways, the possibilities and themes are endless. Of course, I do think this of every holiday.  Your office party should be fun. What’s the best way to cash in on this opportunity of getting your co-workers to let loose? Well, a photo booth of course! I’m sure you were thinking the same thing. That’s why you are the perfect person to be planning this corporate party. But, in case you need some help, stick around. If you’re in Michigan we have venues, we have decor, we have entertainment, and so much more! 

Holiday Party At The Fountains in Clarkston Michigan

Clarkston, Michigan is a beautiful little town. Every year we anticipate renting a photo booth to a 30 year old corporation. They are very family oriented. Spouses and even children come to this holiday party. Of course, the kids always know that Santa will be stopping in towards the end of the evening. With a smile on his face and his red velvet sack, Santa gives each child a gift to open. The Fountains in Clarkston Michigan, always has a hint of magic this time of year. With the twinkling holiday lights, a fresh blanket of snow and the cold crisp air, it’s perfectly quaint. There’s no better place to turn a party into a real celebration. With such love and generosity, these business owners bring their employees together every year and treat them as family. Something we can all agree doesn’t happen much anymore.

Holiday Corporate Events | Corporate Party Rentals - Blog - Party Grandeur - Holiday_Coporate_Party

The nice thing about having your holiday party at The Fountains in Clarkston is that you don’t really have to do much. There’s no need to find decor, because the place is already decorated. Tell them what you want on the menu, and then find a photo booth rental and dj. Now slap your hands together, and call it ‘done’.. Who doesn’t love how easy that was?

Best Venues For Large Corporate Party In Novi Michigan

There’s a larger scale corporate party we do for an automotive company every year. The location usually varies. This last winter we were at Lucky Strike in Novi, Michigan. The entire bowling alley was rented out. There’s also many pool tables in the room for everyone to use. Not to mention plenty of seating, a very large buffet of delicious food and plenty of room for yours truly. They truly value their photo booth time as well! Haha! They didn’t do an overwhelming amount of decor at this Novi venue. It was a large space, that looked impossible to fill until, people started showing up.

Holiday Corporate Events | Corporate Party Rentals - Blog - Party Grandeur - Holiday_Party_In_Metro_Detroit

Looking For A Venue In Metro Detroit For Your Office Holiday Party

Another venue they had their holiday party at was The Punch Bowl in Detroit Michigan. This place is really beautiful and trendy inside. There’s an extravagant antler chandelier that hangs right over the bar. If that doesn’t scream “throw a holiday party here”, then I don’t know what does. The staff is pretty amazing and it has cool a bowling alley with a few pool tables. Perhaps the best part is the food. All of it is mouth watering! Seriously! It’s so hard to not go back for more. The only down side is the parking. It’s hard to find a spot on the street in front of The Punch Bowl. Definitely don’t create a spot, you’ll get a ticket. Especially if you get sassy with the traffic cop. Then you’ll get two tickets. What? I had to unload! Anyways, there’s a parking garage right next door that’s relatively inexpensive.

Ugly Sweater Corporate Party This Holiday

Sometimes there’s no better decor than your co-workers! What do I mean by this? The classic ugly sweater holiday party. The only place, where ugly is better. Haha! One of our corporate accounts is also a big box hardware retailer. They love their ugly sweater contests! They hold their event at Mama Mia’s in Livonia, Michigan. There’s a trend happening now with these ugly sweaters. You can walk into pretty much any clothing store and find a few sweaters to choose from. The real enthusiasts still take the time to create their own. If they’re not, then they must have some engineers do it. I’m really hoping we can find a few of those enthusiasts pictures from the photo booths,  to pull for this article.

Holiday Corporate Events | Corporate Party Rentals - Blog - Party Grandeur - Corporate_Holiday_Party

Some of these sweaters get to be really out there. So why do these people get super competitive over an article of clothing? Well, it is fun! It could also be for the prizes. Another great way to celebrate the holidays is with raffles, white elephant, or contests with prizes. I’ve seen it all, but this group has to be on the top tear when it comes to prizes. Flat screens, tablets and so much more! What a great way to spend your holiday party budget! People were even taking pictures in the photo booth with their prizes. 

Holiday Inn Ann Arbor Holiday Party

Holiday Inn, Ann Arbor, Michigan is another wonderful venue. A few years back they had some restoration work done. My, oh, my! Talk about an overhaul! This is a pretty fun bunch too. That’s right, they throw a  holiday corporate party for their employees at their locations as well. I’m sure it is probably reassuring to know the quality as well as co-workers getting the opportunity to stop in between shifts. It’s just the nice thing to do. Anyways, this wonderful bunch of people have holiday parties every year. They always have their photo booth rental and music entertainment. Along with a little unorthodox way to celebrate. In Ann Arbor, they’re sensitive to the fact that not everyone celebrates the same holiday. This makes sense because it’s college town. Which means a lot of different nationalities too. So themed parties is how they roll! One year it was an elaborate western theme. So naturally we brought along photo booth props to match. Half the fun is playing with props, right? There was one entire wall of the banquet room with a Wild West background. A pop up scene made from cardboard, you can find at an online retailer called Shindigz. There was even a cowboy m.c. teaching everyone to square dance the do-si-do. 

Keep The Corporate Party In The Cubical!

We also do office parties at your office! I should mention that we are in the business of making others happy. Sharing smiles one photo strip at a time. A photo booth can come straight to the office during an extended lunch hour. Or perhaps after business hours when the wine and beers can be opened. If your office is local and not in downtown Detroit, then chances are everyone lives pretty close. Talk about convenience!

Holiday Corporate Events | Corporate Party Rentals - Blog - Party Grandeur - Holiday_party_michigan

Last winter we had a holiday party in a medical building in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Year around, props are usually assorted, unless a special request takes place. During the winter months the props are usually holiday themed. This wild bunch had their own props from around the office. It was pretty hard for even the booth attendant to keep a straight face. Their holiday decor was red plaid with touches of fur, green accents and faux snow. A photo booth wasn’t the only thing they rented either. There were at least a dozen standing tables, a bartender, and up lighting to give the office a different atmosphere. Take note of the neutral decor though. It’s a very classic take on holidays, without being geared toward any specific one. Red plaid and winter go together like photo booths and smiles, as I  always say!

Best Venues In Bloomfield Hills For Your Corporate Holiday Party

There’s a great venue in Bloomfield Hills called Iroquois that would be great for your corporate party. We’ve had a number of special events there, but not yet a holiday party. Its definitely worth checking out! The venue is conveniently located right off Woodward Avenue and is really beautiful inside. Depending on the number of employees attending, it may affect how large of a space you need for your event. Budget should also be considered. That’s why we give such great deals on renting a photo booth during these months. Especially if you’re a repeat customer. Which, you will be, and so will all of your co-workers who couldn’t stop laughing the whole night. Even that boss of yours who may or may not be uptight. One time in the booth with a goofy hat is all it takes! Instant joy during the holiday season, at a fraction of the cost of your venue.

Holiday Corporate Events | Corporate Party Rentals - Blog - Party Grandeur - Michigan_Holiday_Party(1)

If it does turn out to be an office party, that’s okay. Sometimes throwing the party where you work can make the office a little more fun the rest of the year. A photo booth is one sure way to turn leisure into laughter.  Like Michael Scott, with all of his crazy antics, trying to make each holiday party better than the last. We have learned that, in a hysterical twist, something memorable will always happen. Leaving you with memories to talk about until the next great holiday party. I wish I could say, "what happens in the booth, stays in the booth".  But it wouldn't be fun and it would hold no conviction. Enjoy this holiday season! Take a chance, be bold, let loose. After all, Monday comes around too soon!

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