Oakland Elementary Trunk Or Treat In Royal Oak Michigan

Oakland Elementary located in Royal Oak Michigan took their trunk or treat to the next level this year! Upon arrival to this smaller sized elementary school we noticed a real unity. Parents pulling into the front lot to park. Some vehicles already decorated, others taking care of the decor right then. The entire community showed up to party!

Oakland Elementary Trunk Or Treat In Royal Oak Michigan - Blog - Party Grandeur - Royal_Oak_Oakland_Elementary

Oakland Elementary Is The Unicorn!

One trunk was a rainbow with clouds and an inflatable unicorn mom. I bet that candy was extra sweet! There was a huge skull monster truck, that I’m pretty sure took up more than one parking space. There was also a few spooky ghosts hanging off the back. The kids probably took one look at it and thought, wow, they must be handing out giant candies over there! One parent did haunted pirate decor, that included a skull and crossbones flag. Some pirates of the Caribbean theme music would have surely sealed the deal. A quick transformation from a minivan to an enchanted pirate ship. The kids trick or treated for about 30 minutes. They did more then one stop at each trunk without a doubt!

The Best Trunk Or Treat In Royal Oak

When trunk or treat was over, children and their families headed into the school. Inside Oakland Elementary were plenty more activities. The photo booth was in the front hallway and a dance party with concessions in the gym. School events in Royal Oak are certainly among one of our higher usage photo booth rental situations. There’s always a ‘forever line’ as I like to call it. It never ends because the kids come out of the booth and get right back in line again. This line was full of monsters, princesses and super hero’s, who were all taking pictures together!

Oakland Elementary Trunk Or Treat In Royal Oak Michigan - Blog - Party Grandeur - Trunk_Or_Treat_Oakland_Elementary

How nice of them to put their differences aside for the night, Haha! After about a half hour of picture taking some of the families started heading into the gymnasium. So as a mom I know all moms are the life of the party. However, sometimes I look at my boys and think to my self have I ever been a D.J. dressed as a gypsy spinning awesome tunes life of the party? The d.j. at Oakland Elementary was and personally I'm jealous. The kids were all eating their candy and things were starting to grow to a whole new level of energy. Bouncing off the walls and into the photo booth. The party was on in Royal Oak!

Oakland Elementary Trunk Or Treat In Royal Oak Michigan - Blog - Party Grandeur - Trunk_Or_Treat_Royal_Oak_Oakland_Elementary

Let The Trunk Or Treat Contests Begin!

When it began to get quiet in the hallway, it got even louder in the gym. They were holding costume contests for different age groups on the stage. The crowd would scream at the spookiest or best costume when that person stepped forward. The louder the screams, the more likely you were to win! That being said, I have to say, what an incredibly close contest! This unity was definitely carried through out every aspect of the event. Parents were dressed up as well! There was a Minecraft family with some seriously artistic homemade costumes. We also saw the Incredible's family, complete with Frozone!

Oakland Elementary Trunk Or Treat In Royal Oak Michigan - Blog - Party Grandeur - Trunk_Or_Treat_Royal_Oak_(1)

In the previous years, this little elementary school in the heart of royal oak had much smaller parties. We’re talking coloring pages and making beaded necklaces. This year a couple of PTA moms thought outside of the box. Kind of like the photos we are forever kept with here at Party Grandeur. We cant wait to get back to Oakland Elementary in Royal Oak for the Daddy Daughter Dance. Thanks for the priceless memories and unforgettable fun. We appreciate being apart of your community. 

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