Open Air Hollywood Style Photo Booth VS Enclosed Photo Booth Rentals

Putting together your next event? Well sometimes its easier said then done. On top of picking the venue, colors and themes you have to figure out the entertainment.  A good D.J. is helpful but something more interactive is always best.  Photo booth rentals are perfect for all events including birthday parties, weddings, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah and even corporate events. I'm sure your wondering what is the best option for your event. We will cover the pros and cons of both open air Hollywood style  and enclosed photo booth rentals. Also we will go over all the options so you can best choose what fits your event and budget.

Open Air Hollywood Style Photo Booth Michigan

What Is A Open Air Hollywood Style Photo Booth

Have you ever watched one of those boring award shows on T.V. ? All the celebrities walking down the red carpet surrounded by photographers wearing all those nice dresses and tuxedos. Well this is the essence of what a open air Hollywood style photo booth. Usually the open air photo booth is best for black tie type of events. If classy and elegance is the goal for your event then the Hollywood style photo booth is probably what you are looking for.

Open Air Hollywood Style Photo Booth Requirements

Space is a determining factor with open air booths. With a enclosed photo booth we need about a 5'X7' foot space. With a Hollywood style photo booth the back drop is normally 8' wide and sometimes bigger. We also need space for a 3 foot red carpet and velvet ropes if you select this options. Now with a enclosed photo booth the cabinets with the DSLR camera is set up right to the tent. However, with a open air Hollywood style photo booth we have to have room to push the cabinets back so we can get a full body view. This will cause problems within smaller venues and tighter spaces.

We like to have a 10' X 20' foot space for the best pictures. We also prefer to be set up in the center of a wall as opposed to in a corner. This allows a good flow of traffic and makes it easy for your guests to get in and out of the open air photo booth.

Open Air Hollywood Style Back Drop Options

We customize back drops to fit your your event or you can choose one of our standard back drops. If you want a custom back drop it will cost more. The good news is we can get great vinyl banners that you can reuse for future events. The classic step and repeat banner could be used hundreds of times if it is properly stored. Most customers like the gold and silver sequin back drop options. We can also offer custom green screen back drops for open air Hollywood style photo booth rental.

Photo Strip Options For Open Air Booths

The classic photo strips are always a hit. 2 strips for ever session is standard, however we can add reprints to any event for the cost of the printing supply's. Keep in mind our dye sub printers use media kits that cost more then your average printer. A great option for Hollywood style photo booth rentals is 5"X 7" prints. These full size photos are wonderful however only one print comes out with standard pricing. Again with all of the options its easy to see why photo booths can have such a wide range in prices. That's why its so important to select what you want as opposed to a standard package. Its the only way your photo booth rental will be worth every penny!

What Is A Enclosed Photo Booth?

Just as it sounds a enclosed photo booth is just like the old photo booths at carnivals and malls. With red curtains blocking the entrance your guest inside are free to be as silly as they want. Its a true no judgement zone. That is really the best part of a enclosed photo booth. Its where all the infectious laughs and crazy memories are created and captured.  Some customers like to ad the red carpet and velvet ropes to the entrance of a enclosed photo booth to dress it up a bit.

Open Air Hollywood Style Photo Booth VS Enclosed Photo Booth Rentals - Blog - Party Grandeur - Enclosed_Photo_Booth

Requirements For A Enclosed Photo Booth

The enclosed photo booth is the most portable of all photo booths. It works great in back yards or at high end venue. The trick is having a nice flat spot to set the cabinets. It only requires a 5' X 7' space and normally a corner of the event hall is a perfect fit. Overhead height can be a challenge in older halls and basements. Make sure you have a 8.5' clearance to work with. Also having a extra table set up for the props is a great way for your guests to get ready before they enter the enclosed photo booth.

Back Drop Options For A Enclosed Photo Booth Rental

Back drop options for a enclosed photo booth are wide ranging. We have our standard red velvet back drop that works great with any theme. We also have silver sequin, silver shimmer ( glitter ), gold sequin and gold shimmer. With our enclosed photo booth we create custom green screen backgrounds and matching start screens to fit your theme. The enclosed booth offers the best customization options for your event.

Photo Strip Options For Enclosed Photo Booths

The classic photo strips customized to your event is a great option. Just like with the open air Hollywood style photo booth you can order reprints or get 5" X 7" prints. We also offer 4" X 6" prints. The cost will depend on the options you pick.

Red Carpet And Velvet Ropes For A Open Air And Enclosed Photo Booth

One of our favorite options is the red carpet and velvet ropes. We can bring them along for any event. It adds a classy look for a enclosed photo booth and gives a Hollywood feel to a open air booth.

A Full List Of Options For Open Air And Enclosed Photo Booth Rentals

At Party Grandeur  Photo Booth Rentals we don't offer preset packages. After doing thousands of event rentals over the years we know that every event is unique. So we will work with you to pick the best options for your open air or enclosed photo booth rental.  Here is a full list of all the options.

  • Red Carpet And Velvet Ropes
  • Gold Shimmer Backdrop
  • Silver Shimmer Backdrop
  • Gold Sequin Backdrop
  • Silver Sequin Backdrop
  • Red Velvet Backdrop
  • Custom Vinyl Backdrop
  • Green Screen
  • Photo Album
  • Photo Disc
  • USB
  • Text/ Email Option
  • Social Media Uploading
  • Animated GIF
  • Boomerang
  • Slow Motion
  • Video
  • Print Signing
  • 4 X 6 Prints
  • 2 X 6 Prints
  • 5 X 7 Prints
  • Customized Photo Template
  • Virtual Props
  • Premium Assorted Props
  • Premium Themed Props

Were happy to answer any questions and help you put together the perfect open air or enclosed photo booth for your next event.


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