Photo Booth Rentals For Weddings

When You Are Renting A Photo Booth For A Wedding There Are Plenty Of Choices In The Metro Detroit Surrounding Areas.

In your search, how do you insure you end up with the best selection? After all it is a once in a life time event. With that being said, you have enough things to pay for, so you don't want to over spend either. 


Photo Booth Rentals For Weddings   These are the four important factors to consider when renting a photo booth for          your wedding:

  -Space in the Booth

  -Add-Ons & Photo Quality


  -Price of the photo booth rental




How Many People Can Fit In The Photo Booths? 

Most booths in the industry are a standard size of 3'x5'. These size measurements can only fit approximately 2, to maybe even 3 people at a time. Now of course you can stack up your guests on your lap, but that wouldn't be very comfortable. All of our photo booths are 5'x5' so you can fit up to 10 wedding guests at a time. 

Pssst... Our record is 17 people in the booth at one time!


The Add-Ons & Quality Of Your Wedding Photo Booth Rental Vary By The Company. 

Most companies that come in at lower bid are doing one of two things-

  • They are either using a low quality cameras and/or printers. This will give you pictures that look pixelated or blurry. You wouldn't want an album filled with photos of guests that look like super mario and his friends.
  • Or there is always the possibility that they aren't including add-ons in the quote. I.E.- Memory Book ($100 value), Photo Disc ($50 value), Unlimited Photos ($70 value), Customized Photo-Strips($30 value), Red Carpet & Velvet Ropes ($50 value), Premium Props ($30 value), or Electronic Download ($30 value). So you sign the contract only to find out you have to pay separately for each thing later on.

The Party Grandueur Photo Booth Rental Difference-

  • We use Canon DSLR Cameras equipped with a high performance A.F. System. These cameras take crisp, clean, perfect pictures every time, even in motion. You know those magazines with action shots of Zetterberg, his arm in motion as the puck is headed down the ice, straight for the goal. Catching quick motions like these while your guests are making kooky faces/movements in the photo booth is our specialty. We also use Brava Dye-sub printers that offer fast, high quality prints. We're talking 10 seconds or less, and these pictures are yours to walk away with. It's almost like having a lightening fast dark room at your wedding.
  • When it comes to add-ons, we don't believe in charging for the essentials. We realize that in commemorating your wedding, there are some things you need. A Memory Book, Photo Disc, Unlimited Photos, Custom Photo-Strips, Red Carpet & Velvet Ropes, Premium Props, and Electronic Download are all included. You're getting an all inclusive quote for the highest quality wedding photo booth rentals in Michigan. After all, we feel as though it's our purpose to make this wedding last a lifetime through these captured memories.


There Are Extras That Are Included With Scheduling Your Photo Booth Rental.

Some of you may use coordinators while others put all of the wedding fundamentals together themselves. So you may wonder what would be a good time to have the vendor come in and set up. Set up could be anytime before the reception or during depending on availability and preferred needs. If you choose to have a rental time of 7-11 but want the booth put together before your guests arrive at 6, this one hour of set up with non-usage is called idol time. All companies charge for this, so always make sure it is mentioned in the time of your quote.

If you want to save yourself some money, consider having the booth start time at the end of dinner. This way the vendor will come in and set up while everyone is sitting down, eating. We are always very diligent in what we do. There is minimal distraction and anything noticed is positive because your guests are only getting excited about jumping up to be the first ones in. 


Cost Versus Worth Are Two Very Different Things When It Comes To A Photo Booth Rental For Weddings.

When it comes to one of the most important days in your life, cost always comes into play. Saving $50-$100 in some areas may seem like a good idea at the time. Although, you certainly wouldn't feel like you got a good deal if you paid a low amount but the pictures your guests left with were horrible. What about paying for something and not getting everything you wanted out of it? Or what if your guests couldn't fit inside the booth so not everyone got the chance to get in? With everything you have to fit into your wedding budget, it makes sense that you don't want to over spend. How do you do this without losing out on the quality?

We offer our high quality, all inclusive wedding photo booth rental package at a very competitive rate. 

At Party Grandeur we take what we do very seriously, or as seriously as we can until those pictures start printing out. We would love the opportunity to earn your business and be a partner in creating an extremely memorable atmosphere for your wedding. There is a certain sense of pride in knowing we are on the bookshelves in so many homes and will be for years to come. Now that's Cool! 


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